Objection: “This Note Is Legal Tender!”

In 2009, when Georgia Rep. Bobby Franklin introduced my first version of the Constitutional Tender Act (HB 430) in the Georgia House, we knew it wasn’t just going to be difficult to get passed into law — it was going to be difficult to get any co-sponsors, it was going to be difficult to get…


What Are “State Legal Tender” Bills?

While the official motto of the Tenth Amendment Center is “Concordia res parvae crescunt” (Small things grow great by concord), one of our “unofficial” mottoes is “The Constitution. Every Issue, Every Time. No Exceptions, no Excuses.” It’s a great standard to stick to. Here’s an example why. Earlier this year, Dr. Gary North put up…


“The power to make any thing but gold and silver a tender in payment of debts, is withdrawn from the States, on the same principle with that of striking of paper currency.”

James Madison, Federalist, no. 44, 299–302

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